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Professional Repair Services

Don't settle on low production and poor safety because of improper maintenance of your capital equipment.

Scheduled repair and maintenance of your equipment can increase production rates, save energy, and boost safety levels dramatically

As an industry leader in maintaining, repairing, and fine tuning all types of capital equipment , specializing in autoclaves, ovens, and presses, we highly recommend an annual and bi-annual maintenance on your equipment in order to keep your equipment in safe working condition. Contact us today for a list of recommend points of maintenance or request information on how we can be of service to you regarding your repair or maintenance needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Expert Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and Technicians
  • Reliable and Timely Response
  • Accredited National Board " R" Stamp Accredited
  • Accredited A.S.M.E. U, S, & PP Code Stamp holder

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